Hugs and handshakes, smiles and cheers filled the reception area as the 8th Military police Brigade and the 728th Military Police Battalion welcomed the Soldiers of the 58th Military Police Company home after a six-month mission to Anderson Air Force Base, Guam.

The mission, which began in July of 2017, split the 58th MP Co. into two parts; while half of the company remained on Oahu performing law enforcement duties, the other half deployed to Guam to execute a strategically critical site security mission to preserve combat power and protect national interests according to Capt. Edgar Conrad, 58th MP Co. Commander.

"It seems just like yesterday that Team Workhorse and (Workhorse) Nation were going their separate ways to accomplish their respective missions; and I can report today that both elements have performed extremely well maintaining a high operational tempo attacking training, security, law enforcement, and readiness," said Lt. Col. Chad Froehlich, 728th MP Bn. Commander.

Froehlich told the families and friends in attendance at the welcome home ceremony about the numerous projects the Soldiers of the 58th MP Co. accomplished during their deployment, "(Workhorse) enhanced the overall force protection of the facility by emplacing T-Walls, adding tactical communications and power to the towers, waterproofed the tower roofs, added tactical chairs, fixed the million dollar cameras. . .and (established) an exclusionary zone 25 feet out from the perimeter (which) allowed line of site for all towers. . . completely revamped the entry control point through establishing a set standard to improve force protection while significantly increasing the overall security posture of your critical site."

"The Soldiers and leaders discipline and dedication to the mission was unmatched by any previous units; their dedication to constantly improve their 'foxhole' was evident by the completion of over 20 site security and quality of life upgrades," said Conrad.

"The team set the standard for a unit to achieve training readiness during a non-contingency operation by executing training from the individual to the squad level on multiple Headquarters Department of the Army Mission Essential Task List tasks, culminating in a robust squad certification," said Conrad.

As proud as the command teams are of the Soldiers who were deployed, they were equally impressed with the performance of the Soldiers who remained on Oahu.

Froehlich addressed the 58th MP Co Soldiers who remained on Oahu saying, "You were the ones who carried the load at Schofield collectively conducting hundreds of hours of law enforcement, conducting green cycle training culminating in an exercise evaluation and ensured the sustainment of all the companies.

You additionally have been charged with receiving and integrating new Soldiers and were always our go-to force when extra manpower was needed; I know at times you probably thought that this would never end, but you navigated the challenge with true professionalism," said Froehlich.

Conrad echoed those remarks saying, "Through their actions, this company has achieved a legacy unlike any other in the Pacific, including attaining the title of Best MP Company in U.S. Army Pacific two years in a row!"

"We are so very proud of what you have done in Guam and across Hawaii over the last six months and are looking forward to getting you integrated back into the formation as a united company," said Froehlich.

Before closing his remarks, Froehlich took a moment to address the families in attendance, "Having redeployed a few times myself, there is honestly no better feeling than seeing your spouse, child, parent, or sibling after such a long time apart; you are the unsung heroes that kept everything running at home, functioned as both parents, fixed the flat tires, and never really got a break."

"Soldiers, remember your families have been doing this for six months, so ease into the routine and understand their point of view," said Froehlich.

The Soldiers of the 58th MP Co. will get a few days to relax with their families while they conduct reintegration training and begin preparing for law enforcement recertification and platoon level validation exercises over the next several weeks.