Dental Health Activity-Hawaii held their quarterly commanders call which includes a brief from their commander about how well DHA-H is doing regarding readiness, as well as giving them notice on upcoming events. During the commander's call, participants were able to get caught up on equal opportunity training and SHARP training. A guest speaker provided the unit information on the Family Advocacy Program which included information on readiness and programs and classes offered to Soldiers.

Dental Health Activity-Alaska continued their focus on making sure that all new Soldiers and civilians in the organization are prepared for the long winter months in Alaska. This type of training encompasses home safety, privately owned vehicle safety, outdoor safety, including making sure people have what they need to include in a safety pack and making sure that they have first aid kits in their POV.

Dental Health Activity-Joint Base Lewis-McChord recently held a leader professional development program on the subject of the brigade's dental health provider roles and responsibilities. This LPD was for officers as well as noncommissioned officers. The LPD was taught by an officer and a NCO who are currently working at the brigade in JBLM to deliver relevant and current information throughout the ranks.