FORT CARSON, Colorado - Soldiers of the 64th Brigade Support Battalion are accustomed to serving up logistical support for the combined arms battalions of 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division.
But Thanksgiving found 25 volunteers from the Mountaineer Battalion serving up some personal support to students Nov. 16 at Fountain Mesa Elementary School in Colorado Springs. The group heaped a holiday feast onto the eager plates of the children, who received an early Thanksgiving lunch at the hands of their Adopt-A-School program mentors.
The event provided an opportunity for Soldiers to get to know the surrounding community and show support to the school for which they are partnered.
"Students and faculty members were very excited to see the Soldiers there for a visit," says Sgt. Christopher Henry, a petroleum supply specialist and the organizer of the event. "Children were high-fiving and hugging the Soldiers during the time that we were visiting. Soldiers even went out to the playground to play with the kids."
The Soldiers served up traditional Thanksgiving fare of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, sweet potatoes and a pumpkin pudding dessert. But they also took time to sit down with the children and enjoy the meal with them.
"Just seeing the happiness that comes into their eyes when they see that we were serving their lunch for the day was enough to leave me smiling for months," said Pfc. Laura Barajas, a wheeled vehicle mechanic.
Henry, 64th BSB's Adopt-A-School liaison, said reaching out to the surrounding community is a great way for Soldiers to bring their sense of military service home.
"It takes more than Soldiers supporting each other to get through the sometimes difficult training and deployments," said Henry. "When the surrounding community can come together in ways like this, it truly boosts the morale of the very people that go overseas to defend the nation's interests and freedom. Every Soldier loves to think that there are people back home that support them and care for them."
64th BSB Soldiers already are planning to participate in Fountain Mesa's field day this spring, despite the fact that the majority of the battalion will be deployed to eight eastern and central European countries starting in January in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve.