MINDEN, Germany (July 28, 2015) -- More than 200 multinational forces came together to execute a tactical crossing on the Weser River during Exercise "Minden Shock," July 28.

During the river crossing, more than 40 vehicles, from 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, crossed a 75-meter bridge made up of six amphibious bridging systems provided by the United Kingdom's 75th Engineer Regiment and Germany's 130th Heavy Engineer Battalion.

"This was a multi-national effort to cross this river, and combined with all the forces and equipment there's nothing we can't do," said Lt. Col. Doug Lynch, 5-7 Air Defense Artillery commander. "It's critical that as our armies are getting smaller, we need to rely on each other more."

The 21st Theater Sustainment Command and the 709th Military Police Battalion also provided support.

"We all depend on each other to provide different capabilities," said Brig. Gen. Robert Walton-Knight, commander of the United Kingdom's 8th Engineer Brigade. "In order to have our freedom of movement, we need to have the skills we're practicing today and we need to work together should we find ourselves having to do it for real."

The river crossing is part of Minden Shock, which is part of the overall Freedom Shock exercise series. Freedom Shock exercises provide units with very little notice to execute a mission, ensuring they are ready at all times. During Minden Shock, units will conduct tactical convoys, establish a Patriot tactical site, conduct air missile defense and accomplish other related training objectives.

Minden Shock

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