Fort Bragg, NC -- On the crisp fall afternoon of October 16th, 2012, the 4th Military Information Support Group (Airborne) celebrated the sixth birthday of the Psychological Operations Branch on the grounds outside the 7th Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne), which recently became one of the first battalions in the Army to be exclusively oriented towards the newly established Africa Command or AFRICOM.

Despite its relatively young age as a branch, Psychological Operations or PSYOP is anything but a recent phenomenon. The history of what is now known as Military Information Support Operations, formerly Psychological Warfare and then Psychological Operations, extends further than any of the profession's names, as it was originally organized as a function of the Office of Strategic Services during World War II. Even the Psychological Operations Branch Insignia dates back further than six years, as it was first seen in November 1990 when authorization for its wear was given to enlisted personnel assigned to the Psychological Operations Career Management Field (CMF 37).

In view of such history, the recognition of PSYOP as a branch on October 16th, 2006, and its birthday celebration six years later serves as a testament to the past achievements and present-day accomplishments of the Soldiers of the 4th Military Information Support Group (Airborne), the traditional home of the United States Army's influence professionals.

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