Snow cone time
Volunteers from Vicenza Military Community hand out snow cones at the summer party held at La Fraglia, a local center for the disabled. This is the second year volunteers from Caserma Ederle have helped out with the party.

8/17/2012 VICENZA, Italy-Members from Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers, USO, fire fighters and volunteers from Caserma Ederle supported the summer party held Aug. 2 at La Fraglia, a local facility which offers a variety of educational and rehabilitation programs to children and adults with disabilities, for the second year in a row.

Participants in the event had the possibility to enjoy both the American barbecue with hot dogs and hamburgers and some Italian food and drinks, some games, a dunk tank, Country music and dancing. Pvt. Isaac Lee Jr., BOSS treasurer, was the one sitting in the dunk tank.

"Tonight we volunteer for the ones with special needs. It's a great opportunity to help out. I love volunteering my time, make people smile and have a good time," he said before getting ready for the dunk tank.

This experience was not new to members of La Fraglia because they had the chance to experience it last year and some of them were looking forward to seeing it again this year.

Grazia Carnielli, a parent of La Fraglia member spoke about how joining together during these events makes the two communities' friendship deeper.

"I would say that for our children it is a beautiful experience; it's really exciting for them," said Carnielli. "Americans who are here in Vicenza live in a foreign country, and it is a beautiful idea that they participate in these events; it is important to feel American people so close to us."

Damiano Nonato, one of the the La Fraglia educators, spoke about wanting to thank everyone who made this event a success.

"I'd really like to thank (the American community) and hope this friendship will live in the years to come.

The excitement that our participants feel every year, when you cook for us, when you dance with us, when we laugh together is really amazing," he said.`

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