The Army will launch a newly redesigned recruitment website,, December, 2010.

Currently the Army maintains an employment board on (Civilian Personnel On-Line). A website separate from a dot mil provides flexibility and establishes an Army civilian web presence. A dot com also provides the added ability to raise awareness, interest and understanding about civilian employment, ultimately recruiting potential candidates.

Army Civilian Service baby boomers will be retiring en masse over the next 10 years. To attract the "best and brightest" next generation workforce of Army civilians, a focused enterprise-wide recruitment strategy required the development of a dot com website to promote the Army as an employer of choice. This website establishes an Army civilian web presence to increase prospective employees understanding of and motivation to join the Army civilian team.

The redesigned website will serve as the employment portal for Army positions worldwide. The site will provide a communication vehicle to explain what jobs Army civilians perform in support to the warfighter. Currently, no other medium emphasizes federal civilian employment with the Army.

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