Resolute leadership meets for commander's off-site
Command teams from the 7th Sustainment Brigade listen to Master Sgt. John Stiles, the brigade career counselor, discuss retention bars for Soldiers convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol during the commander's off-site at The Lighthouse in Suffolk July 27. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Alexander Burnett)

FORT EUSTIS, Va (July 29, 2010) - Countless field manuals and Army regulations tell Soldiers that their primary mission while stateside is to train. From the lowest ranks to the highest levels, troops take time from their high operational tempo to learn the skills needed to remain an effective fighting force. Changing times often require command teams to develop new tactics to keep their Soldiers safe and informed.

Commanders and command sergeants major from the 7th Sustainment Brigade met for a commander's off-site at The Lighthouse in Suffolk Monday and Tuesday.

The brigade and battalion command teams discussed Soldier training and educational needs to combat potential problems in the ranks and keep "Resolute" warriors in top condition for future potential deployments. The brigade leadership conducted the meeting away from Fort Eustis to provide an environment conducive to developing innovative solutions to common issues," said Col. Charles Maskell, the 7th Sus. Bde. commander.

"I think that off-sites are a great laboratory for innovation. When we are away from post and the familiar environment we have an opportunity to look at problems in a different light and develop creative solutions," Maskell said.

The primary topic of discussion revolved around Soldier resiliency. Command teams discussed at length the role of the five factors of overall fitness: physical, emotional, social, spiritual and family well-being. It was stressed that leaders at every level, especially first line leaders, have an important influence on Soldier welfare and develop techniques for heightening leaders' ability to assist their Soldiers.

A second portion of the off-site discussed safety issues in the summer months including water safety, heat safety, heat injuries and alcohol related problems. Of particular interest were methods of preventing driving under the influence problems within the brigade. Command teams agreed that it is the duty of every leader at every level to aid Soldiers if they are in need.

"I would rather a Soldier call me at any time of night for a ride home instead of taking a chance and getting a DUI," said Lt. Col. Corey New, the 53rd Transportation Battalion (Movement Control) commander. "Calling a first line supervisor for a ride or having a battle buddy as a designated driver not only shows intelligence, but courage. A Soldier willing to do that should be commended."

The off-site concluded with an after action review to summarize the lessons learned. The brigade's leadership will continue to develop new ways to keep Soldiers safe and resolute in the future.

Photos and story by Staff Sgt. Alexander Burnett, 7th Sustainment Brigade public affairs.
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