FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Operation Security is of the utmost importance to Soldiers and often, one of the biggest threats to our Soldiers' safety in combat comes from one of their biggest assets in peace - their Families.

Because of this, the Army has created a website designed to explain to Family members the importance of operation security.

According to Kellie Neuschwanger, Installation OPSEC officer, the website is an important and necessary asset to the post.

"This website is important because the general thought process is that OPSEC applies to everyone," Neuschwanger explained. "There are a lot of civilians and contractors who think it doesn't apply to them, when really it does. It applies to everybody, especially the community of Fort Bragg and Fayetteville as a whole."

Neuschwanger said that Family members do want to practice OPSEC, but on most occasions, they are not being trained properly.

"If our Soldiers are not teaching the Family members what they can and can't say, how can we expect them to help protect us," Neuschwanger said. "You can find any and everything out by walking in the mall, going to Wal-Mart or by a simple visit to the barbershop because everyone is out talking."

She said the new website is the Army's way of giving them one more way of finding out what they can and can't say in public.

Neuschwanger added that the site is also child-friendly and features numerous exercises and games that children can play. She added that it is important to get the children involved in understanding the importance of OPSEC.

"That's a plus because it's usually that four-year old who starts spouting out, 'my daddy belongs to this group and he's downrange and he's coming back on this date,'" she explained. "So the website applies to Family members and it also gives our Soldiers a channel to help teach their Family members."

Neuschwanger said there are also additional forms of training for Soldiers and Family members, such as that provided by the Army Community Service.

She said the website has been up and running since mid-March and it is a great tool for Family readiness groups.

"ACS provides the training for the FRGs and the unit OPSEC officers provide the training for Soldiers," Neuschwanger pointed out. "The FRGs can use the (website) as a tool to assist in teaching proper OPSEC."

Family members can visit the website by logging on to

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