Army Inspector General announces new website

By Thomas Ruyle, Department of the Army Inspector GeneralJune 13, 2022

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WASHINGTON – Lt. Gen. Donna W. Martin, the 67th Inspector General of the Army has launched a new flagship website that highlights the ongoing modernization/strategic efforts of the Inspector General system and can be found at

“I want the entire Army to understand the purpose of the IG system and this new website will be the hub of our outreach efforts as IG processes continue to evolve.” Martin said.

Among the features of the new site are expanded information on the role of Army inspectors general, what to know before contacting an IG, frequently asked questions, and where to find a local IG office.

The site will also provide IG-related information, such as access to regulations, guides and policies, along with how to become an inspector general.

“We wanted to make this a one-stop shop for anyone to request IG assistance, to understand what is appropriate to bring to the IG, and to know the requirements to become an IG,” said Sgt. Maj. Larry Orvis, the Inspector General sergeant major. “Everyone in the Army should know about the IG system, and how to find your local IG squad.”

Over the next few months, the Inspector General School website located at ( will also be incorporated into the new IG website.

The Office of the Army Inspector General's mission is to provide impartial, objective, and unbiased advice and oversight to the Army through relevant, timely, and thorough inspections, assistance, investigations, and training to promote and enable stewardship, accountability, integrity, efficiency, good order & discipline and enhance total Army readiness.