New ops center taking shape
Jim Anderson, director of the Army Sustainment Command Operations Center, a component of the newly established Command Operations and Information Center, or COIC, discusses the expanded operations of the former Global Logistics Integration Center. The GLIC now refers to the COIC's main meeting room.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill.-Names are changing and people are moving. Army Sustainment Command's Global Logistics Integration Center, which formerly described the entire operations center, now refers only to a meeting room.

The newly established Command Operations and Information Center, or COIC, significantly expands operations of the former GLIC.

"We wanted a single point, a one-stop shop, that controls all operational information the command's involved with for asset visibility, readiness data and any emerging trends that may have an impact on ASC operations," said Jim Anderson, director of the Army Sustainment Command Operations Center, a component of the COIC.

With the change will come more capabilities, Anderson said.

"An enhanced capability, for example, [would be] the military decision-making process. Organizations will have the ability to generate operation orders, fragmentary orders, and execution orders, which are now external to the operations center," Anderson said.

"The command's ability to capture and direct information will become more effective and more efficient," Anderson said.

A storage room in the COIC was recently emptied to enable expanded work space.

Along with an increase in mission comes a need for additional personnel. To support these new missions, 10 reserve component Soldiers, consisting of senior noncommissioned officers and field-grade officers, will be activated for a year and assigned to the COIC. They will relocate to RIA from a five-state surrounding area to augment the current operations section of the COIC, Anderson said.

To fill out the COIC cadre, at least one staff member from the headquarters' primary "G" or general staff elements, Logistics Assistance Program, Responsible Reset Task Force, Army Preposition Stocks, Logistics Civil Augmentation Program and Field Support Directorate, will be stationed in the COIC. The staff members will have the same functions as before, but now will be located in the COIC.

Staff personnel "represent and should have the full authority of their director to make commitments on their behalf," Anderson said.

Because COIC staffers will be reassigned from within the command, there will be no outside hires for this additional mission, Anderson said.

The COIC is a 24/7 operation with plans for manning most staff stations for about 18 hours on weekdays. Split shifts for personnel will be dependent on the missions of the functional area, Anderson said. Over time, he said, long-term interior structural changes are scheduled in the COIC to improve overall efficiency.

According to Anderson, ASC's commanding general, Maj. Gen. Yves J. Fontaine, expects is to have the COIC fully operational by June 1.


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