Children learn and play in Camp Adventure
Children of Camp Adventure learn and play to the theme of Aquatic Adventures in the USAG-Red Cloud Indoor Swimming Pool June 30. Aquatic Adventures is the theme for Camp Adventure offered in the Community Activity Center during the summer months.

RED CLOUD GARRISON South Korea - For the past two month's children from the ages 5-13 have been enjoying summer fun provided by the Community Activities Center and a group of individuals from the University of Northern Iowa during the Camp Adventure program. The nine week program, offered to all Soldiers and Department of Defense Civilians, features many activities for children to get a chance to develop different skills and character building qualities such as discipline.

"I just want the children to look up to us counselors as role models to learn how to behave," said Chris Nowman, a Camp Adventure nicknamed "Mr. Storm," a title given to him by the children.
Every week the camp has a different theme for learning; i.e., Aquatic Adventures, a theme where the children learn about underwater art designs, and the Camp Humphreys Splish Splash Water Park for one of their weekly field trips with counselors.

The children go swimming on Monday and Wednesday, field trips on Thursday, and bowling on Tuesday. Camp Adventure also provides sports, games, arts and crafts, and social activities.
Tuesday and Friday lunch is on the Camp, so children do not have to bring sack lunches. The campers eat out during their field trip and on Friday, the CAC provides a barbecue for campers and their parents.

"My favorite part of Camp Adventure is at the end of the day," said Samantha Geiling, a 12-year-old girl enrolled in Camp Adventure. "Because closing time is when we get together and sing songs to each other, which is a great way to remember each other, even if you are going to see each other tomorrow."

Geiling comes to Korea every summer to visit her father, and enjoys going to work with him sometimes. Last year was Geiling's first enrollment in Camp Adventure. She immediately fell in love with it. She told her father how much she loved the program, and he told her how pleasing that was to hear and he would bring her again. Needless to say, Geiling came back this year and found all of her friends back in Camp Adventure.

"The one thing I hope is these children have a memorable summer experience," said Britta Holdun, director of Camp Adventure. "Some of these children are homeschooled, or do not have siblings. Some are missing the experience of having friends and the interactions that come with the experience children have in the United States."

"Camp Adventure is awesome. I recommend it to any child whose parents are stationed in Korea," Geiling said.

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