U.S.ARMY GARRISON RED CLOUD, Korea -- Soldiers were treated to learning new fighting skills from the best in the fight entertainment business Feb. 7 in the Red Cloud Physical Fitness Center.

Members of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Jorge Rivera, Krzysztof Soszynski and Mike Whitehead, instructed more than a dozen Soldiers how to use their unique fighting skills during a two-hour session.

"We are here to support the troops and give a little back because they do so much for us," Whitehead said. "This is just a little token of our appreciation. We flew out to Korea and we have been going to all the different camps on the peninsula to put on little seminars, and to teach the troops a little of what we do. We hope to give them a morale booster and hang out with them for a while. I am glad they got out here and rolled around on the mats with us, and I hope they learned a thing or two."

And learn a thing or two they did said Pvt. Johnathon Fortier. "I learned more techniques and more drills tonight. I know this will add to my combative skills. It is also good for our morale, being away from our families and all. This is good support; we need more morale boosters."

"These fighters are the best," said Sgt. Park, Sung Man. "They taught us a lot of good moves for our combat skills. I had a great time!"

The UFC is based in the United States and is currently recognized as the largest mixed martial arts organization.

It began as a single-event tournament to find the world's best fighters without regard to their style. It began with a limited number of rules, but promoters advertised it as 'no holds barred' and contests were often violent and brutal.

Early fights were more spectacle than sport until the organization adopted better rules and became sanctioned by state athletic commissions and marketed itself as a legitimate sporting event.

They dropped the 'no holds barred' banner and advertise now as mixed martial arts. It has since become a respected sport and is now marketed to more than 34 countries, according to UFC promotional literature.

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