Left, Sgt. Major Lucinda Ramos and right, Sgt. Major Felix Ramos, and son Pvt. Andrew Ramos stop for a photo at Hilton Field following his graduation last week from Basic Combat Training.

FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- Pvt. Andrew Ramos graduated from Basic Combat Training with the 3rd Battalion, 13th Infantry Regiment at Fort Jackson last week with plans to continue on the same career path as his Army parents.

Soldiers with the 42A Military Occupation Specialty are human resources specialists who help Soldiers develop their Army careers, and provide personnel support and assistance to all divisions of the Army. Before enlisting, Ramos said he had access to two Soldiers with the 42A MOS with almost 50 years of combined experience in the Army: His parents.

"I've been in the Army now for 25 years," said Sgt. Major Felix Ramos, Human Resources Command, Command Management Branch, Fort Knox, Ky. "My wife is also a sergeant major, and she's been serving in the Army for 22 years. My wife and I both possess the MOS of 42A, and that's the MOS my son chose to enlist in."

That's not the only aspect of his career path that is a family tradition.

"We're also both Airborne Air Assault, and our son is going to follow in that tradition, as well," said his mother, Sgt. Major Lucinda Ramos, Human Resources Command, Field Services Division, Fort Knox. "He also plans to go to Airborne School and try to get Air Assault."

"Because both of my parents are 42A, I thought it would be easiest for me to follow in their footsteps," Pvt. Ramos said. "And, if I had any questions post-Advanced Individual Training and post-Airborne School, I would be able to send them an email, call them or text them. It would be a good reference for me."

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