SONSONATE, EL Salvador -- With four separate construction project sites and hundreds of soldiers to manage here at Beyond the Horizons-El Salvador 2013, Master Sgt. Kevin Collier, quality assurance non-commissioned in charge, Joint Force Headquarters National Guard, Jefferson City, Mo., implements the plans and procedures for a safe, smooth and productive work environment.

"Quality assurance is the equivalent to being a building inspector. What I do is make sure the prints and specifications are being followed by all the units doing construction at all the project sites," said Collier. "I also check and make sure all the materials we are using can be used and will be a durable product."

The importance for quality assurance checks cannot be understated and Collier explained the importance of his role here.

"If you don't have someone from outside the box to come in and check, then anyone can do what they want, and that's where you have people cut corners, cheat on items and not make good connections on welded items," said Collier.

Collier is one of the few durational personnel here at Beyond the Horizon-El Salvador and he has seen first hand the great work done here.

"Everything is going really well. Each team that has moved in, has picked up the reigns where the others left off. The soldiers understand the timeliness of these projects being completed, so everyone is giving it 150 percent day in and day out."

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