Eighth Army commander honored with Korean name
Eighth Army Commanding General Lt. Gen. John D. Johnson is honored with a Korean name at a ceremony on Yongsan Garrison April 22.

YONGSAN GARRISON, South Korea - Eighth Army's commanding general was honored for his contribution to the Republic of Korea-U.S. Alliance with a Korean name.

Lt. Gen. John D. Johnson received the name, Cho Jon-seong (조존Sh) from Suh Jin-sub, president of a Korean non-governmental organization called the Republic of Korea-US Alliance Friendship Association during a ceremony in the Naija Ballroom at the Dragon Hill Lodge here April 22.

While bestowing the name, Suh noted that presenting a Korean name to Johnson is extremely meaningful.

"It is an opportunity to remind the public of the importance of the alliance," Suh said.

Johnson who is also chief of staff of United States Forces Korea and Combined Forces Command mentioned that receiving a Korean name is a great honor.

"I will do my best to live up to the expectations of my Korean name," he said. "I'm so thankful to serve this great country and will continue to work for the defense of the Republic of Korea."

Johnson was granted the family name "Cho," which originated in Yongsan where Eighth Army is located. His first name "Jon-seong" is a combination of the Chinese characters "Jon," meaning respectable, and "seong," meaning winning.

Many American leaders have been presented with Korean names by the association as part of its effort to strengthen the alliance. U.S. President Barack Obama was conferred with the name "O Han-ma," former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was provided with "Han Hui-sook," and Gen. Walton H. Walker, former Eighth Army commander, was given "Gu Wung-su."

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