Command Post Computing Environment

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What is it?

Command Post Computing Environment (CP CE) is one of the six computing environments that make up the U.S. Army's Common Operating Environment (COE). This brings stovepiped systems onto a common foundation and allows the Army to deliver warfighting capabilities as software applications.

Legacy command posts are stocked with unique, standalone warfighting systems for mission functions related to fires, logistics, intelligence, airspace management and maneuver. Emerging capabilities of CP CE consolidate and simplify command post hardware and software to deliver a common user experience, allowing commanders and staff access to the common operating picture and associated data when and where they need it. These initial capabilities will be evaluated at Network Integration Evaluation 16.2 (NIE 16.2) in May.

What has the Army done?

  • CP CE systems are moving to software applications to enable mission command tools in one web-based, user-friendly place - mimicking the look and feel of commercial applications on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • The Army is following an incremental development strategy for CP CE.

  • During NIE 16.2 Soldiers will evaluate operations and intelligence hardware convergence on a common server stack, and will be introduced to web-based "apps" intended to replace standalone systems.

  • CP CE capabilities will increase access to the common operating and intelligence picture, provide a common user interface, and a common server to reduce complexity and simplify training.

  • CP CE also advances hardware and software convergence through shared functions such as maps, across different applications.

What continued efforts have been planned for the future?

Soldier feedback from NIE 16.2, will provide adjustments to the current CP CE version. Feedback will also be incorporated into development and integration efforts for CP CE version 3, slated for fielding in 2019. Version 3 will take the next step in the incremental development by introducing common data to enable better integration across the formation and echelons, while standardizing functions such as voice and chat.

Why is this important to the Army?

In support of expeditionary operations and the Army Operating Concept, CP CE will provide forces with operational flexibility through uninterrupted mission command. These capabilities support streamlined information exchange across the entire tactical space - the command post, mounted and dismounted environments. CP CE capabilities will provide consolidated warfighting information to commanders a on a singular workstation, for them to act decisively in achieving their mission. CP CE will expand access to the common operating picture and introduce a common user interface hosted on common hardware.


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