A 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82 Airborne Division Non-Commissioned Officer boards a Warfighter Information Network-Tactical Increment 2 Soldier Network Extension (SNE) during the WIN-T Increment 2 Developmental Test 2 at White Sands Missile Range, N.M. in June 2014. The SNE provides network communication and extension capabilities at the company level and for other non-traditional users.

NCOs support test of improvements that simplify Army's mobile network

Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and other Soldiers in network-equipped vehicles conducted real-world mission threads in harsh desert terrain covering over 1,250 accumulated miles a day to evaluate recent improvements to the Army's high capacity......READ MORE

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Mission Statement:
Provide our Soldiers a decisive advantage in any mission by developing, acquiring, fielding, and sustaining the world's best equipment and services and leveraging technologies and capabilities to meet current and future Army needs.

Vision Statement:
Highly efficient, effective, agile organization responsible for acquiring, developing, delivering, supporting and sustaining the most capable affordable systems and services for our Soldiers. Enabling our Soldiers to dominate the battlespace, safely and securely. Enabling our Soldiers to achieve first look, first strike advantage with unprecedented speed and accuracy.


"As we move into spring, budget season begins in Washington. My colleagues and I are working diligently with our friends in Congress to support the priorities laid out in the president's budget submission. The FY15 defense budget is the first to fully reflect our nation's transition to peace after 13 years at war in Afghanistan, the longest conflict in U.S. history. As we work to secure the budget for the next fiscal year, I think it is a good time to consider our equipment modernization strategy."

Army Acquisition Executive & Assistant Secretary, Acquisition, Logistics and Technology - Hon. Heidi Shyu

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