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U.S. Army SHARP: Prevention Framework

Friday, April 3, 2020

What is it?

Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Annex an annex to the U.S. Army People Strategy and describes the Army’s way ahead for developing, implementing, and assessing its prevention efforts. The annex explains how the Army will create the conditions necessary to accomplish its goal by describing the methods (ways) and resources/conditions (means) to achieve the intended outcomes (ends) with focus upon stopping perpetration of incidents and victimization before it occurs.

This annex provides authoritative guidance to the Total Army, enabling prevention planning and execution at subordinate echelons.

What are the current and past efforts of the Army?

Past approaches aimed at combatting sexual harassment and sexual assault centered largely on increasing awareness. These efforts must continue to drive change, but a comprehensive approach that addresses the many variables and factors of sexual misconduct represents the most viable path for prevention.

The Army Resiliency Directorate (ARD) and the Army SHARP Academy at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, have worked closely with the Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPRO) to support and enable Army implementation of the 2019 published DoD SAPRO Prevention Plan of Action (PPoA).

What continued efforts does the Army have planned?

With support from the Army SHARP Academy, ARD will lead planning and coordination of prevention planning and execution with stakeholders. A follow-on implementation plan will further address and support the requirements of the DoD Prevention Plan of Action and objectives within the Army People Strategy lines of effort.

Why is this important to the Army?

Prevention efforts contribute to Army Readiness and advances the Army towards the goal of eliminating incidents of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and associated retaliatory behaviors. Prevention protects the force and supports implementation of the Army People Strategy- Acquire, Develop, Employ, and Retain Talent.

There is no place for sexual harassment, sexual assault, and associated retaliation in the Army. Not only are these incidents reprehensible and contrary to the Army Values, they are detrimental to unit climate, the Army’s readiness, and its people.


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Focus Quote for the Day

We are all charged with setting conditions that enforce Army standards to prevent sexual offenses. Protecting our people protects our mission.

Gen. James C. McConville, Chief of Staff of the Army