Office of the Provost Marshal General

U.S. Army Office of the Provost Marshal General


The Provost Marshal General (PMG) is the principal Army Staff (ARSTAF) officer for the development and execution of the Army Policing Functions and the principal military advisor to the Secretary of the Army and Chief of Staff of the Army on policing matters. This includes law enforcement, criminal investigations, criminal intelligence fusion, corrections, physical security, high-risk personnel security, antiterrorism and detention operations as well as forensics and biometrics. Additionally, the Provost Marshal General serves as the Functional Chief for Army Civilian Career Program 19 (Security and Law Enforcement).The Office of the Provost Marshal General (OPMG) is responsible for coordinating with the Department of Defense and, as appropriate, other Federal, State, local and international law enforcement agencies, for the Army's policing functions. As the Senior Military Police Officer, he provides leadership and direction to the MP Corps.The PMG also serves as the Commanding General for the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command and the Commanding General for Army Corrections Command. Additionally, the Director of the Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency directly reports to the PMG.



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