Content promotion


Content promotion is an effective tool that can help you increase awareness, foster relationships, and build trust and credibility for your organization and the Army, as a whole.

While writing quality and engaging articles is important, it is only part of the process. You can’t just release an article and hope that people will find it. You’ve got to actively and effectively promote it, as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Content promotion cycle

Your promotion efforts help you reach and engage your audience, and ultimately lead to an increase in traffic to your content. Once you attract visitors, their actions may continue to promote your content, creating a promotion cycle. Your actions generate traffic, then actions taken by visitors generate more traffic, and so on.

When a visitor…It helps to…
Shares or followsGet more traffic from social media and gain social influence, making your social media efforts more effective
SubscribesGrow your email marketing list, making future emails more effective
Links back to your articleRank higher in search engines

Promote your content

Once you have released your article, consider the following techniques for promotion:

CORE Organization Page
Feature your article on your organization’s web page and in RSS Feeds.
Related Links in Articles
Cross promote your article by adding internal links to it from your other relevant articles. This provides a way for your visitors to find related information and improves your search engine optimization.
Internal Network
Send your article to other users within the CORE Community, inviting them to promote it on their web pages and social media platforms.
Social Media Marketing
Post link to your social media accounts more than once, using engaging images.
Email Marketing
Share the published content link with your organization’s email distribution list.
Influencer Outreach
Connect with influencers who are willing to share your content.
Join a Content Community
Submit your content with a community for increasing brand awareness, building credibility and trust. Examples YouTube, Flickr, and Subreddits.

Content promotion tips

  1. Know your audience
    This means you have an idea about what type of content interests them, what they are likely to share, and on what platforms they will likely share it. You can start to understand your audience and their behaviors with Google Analytics or social analytics tools. CORE enables you to connect your articles to a Google Analytics account to track pageviews and basic traffic data. Administrators can also track content from your entire team by connecting your organization to Google Analytics.
  2. Get your timing right
    Use social media analytics to learn when your audience is typically online and sharing content. This will help you establish your schedule around the optimal times for posting. The goal is to get maximum visibility without overwhelming your audience with too much content. Continue to revise this posting schedule.
  3. Improve your search rankings
    Good SEO will help people find your content in organic search results, and this increased visibility in turn will drive more traffic to your content. First, do some research on what people are searching to find a relevant keyphrase. Align your content with this keyphrase by using it in your title, header, meta description, and multiple times in the body text. You can also cross-promote the article by linking to it from your other articles, using the keyphrase within the link text. For other tips on increasing your search engine ranking, visit Search engine optimization.

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