Selecting quality imagery


Imagery should be as compelling to the audience as your headline, and draw them to your piece. Images add an exciting and eye catching element to enhance your story.

  • Images grab attention: If you include an image in an article, it will grab the reader’s attention better than a block of text. This may lead to more people reading the article that accompanies the image.
  • Images tell a story: Sometimes a picture is better at communicating a story than the written word. For example, a very emotional scene of a family that has just been reunited after a traumatic event may connect with a reader more than if the scene was only written.
  • Images can convey a message quickly: People often skim through website articles without stopping to read the full article. A picture is a great way to convey your message quickly to an audience without them reading through a lot of text.
  • Shareability: Images can be easily shared by other people, which means your story will be seen by a larger audience. You could even link the image back to an article you want your target audience to read.
NOTE: When taking photos for your news story, try to take horizontal – not vertical – pictures. These format better when uploaded to the article page and are more appealing when your story is shared on social media.

Example images

GOOD: Horizontal

NOT GOOD: Vertical


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