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Best Warrior Competition Winners

Warriors for Soldier of the Year include the ranks of private through specialist, and Warriors for NCO of the Year include ranks corporal through sergeant first class. All Army Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve-Component Soldiers are eligible to compete.

2021 Winners:

  • Noncommissioned Officer of the Year
    Sgt. Adam KraulandUSARPAC
    Sgt. Adam Krauland

    Assigned Unit: 25th Infantry Division, Joint-Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska

    Military Occupation Specialty: Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Voice Interceptor 35P

    Hometown: Grand Junction, Colorado

    Year of Enlistment: 2017

  • Soldier of the Year
    Sgt. Justin EarnhartINSCOM
    Sgt. Justin Earnhart

    Assigned Unit: 470th Military Intelligence Brigade, Fort Sam Houston, Texas

    Military Occupation Specialty: Human Intelligence Collector (35M)

    Hometown: San Diego, California

    Year of Enlistment: 2019

  • NCO of the Year Winners

    2020: Sgt. 1st Class Alexander Berger, USASOC

    2019: Staff Sgt. Dakota Bowen, TRADOC

    2018: Sgt. 1st Class Sean Acosta, USASOC

    2017: Staff Sgt. Ryan C. McCarthy, TRADOC

    2016: Sgt. 1st Class Joshua A. Moeller, USARC

    2015: Staff Sgt. Andrew Fink, USARC

    2014: Sgt. 1st Class Matthew Carpenter, USASOC

    2013: Sgt. 1st Class Jason J. Manella, USARC

    2012: Staff Sgt. Matthew M. Senna, USAREUR

    2011: Sgt. Guy Mellow, ARNG

    2010: Staff Sgt. Christopher McDougall, MDW

    2009: Sgt. 1st Class Aaron Beckman, USAREUR

    2008: Staff Sgt. Michael Noyce Merino, ARNG

    2007: Staff Sgt. Jason Seifert, MDW

    2006: Sgt. 1st Class Jason Alexander, FORSCOM

    2005: Sgt. Jeremy Kamphuis, USAREUR

    2004: Staff Sgt. Andrew Bullock, TRADOC

    2003: Staff Sgt. James Luby, MDW

    2002: Sgt. 1st Class Jeffery T. Stitzel, MDW

  • Soldier of the Year Winners

    2020: Sgt. James Akinola, MEDCOM

    2019: Spc. David Chambers, FORSCOM

    2018: Cpl. Matthew Hagensick, USASOC

    2017: Spc. Hazen Ham, TRADOC

    2016: Spc. Robert Miller, USARPAC

    2015: Spc. Jared R. Tansley, USAREUR

    2014: Spc. Thomas Boyd, USARPAC

    2013: Spc. Adam Christensen, USARPAC

    2012: Spc. Saral Shrestha, USASOC

    2011: Spc. Thomas M. Hauser, FORSCOM

    2010: Sgt. Sherri Gallagher, TRADOC

    2009: Spc. Clancey Henderson, FORSCOM

    2008: Sgt. David R. Obray, USARC

    2007: Cpl. Heyz Seeker, USASOC

    2006: Spc. John Emmett, USAREUR

    2005: Sgt. Chad Steuck, FORSCOM

    2004: Spc. Wilfredo Mendez, 8th Army

    2003: Spc. Russell Burnham, FORSCOM

    2002: Spc. Justin Brown, USAREUR