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Coming Sept. 2022: The U.S. Army Best Squad Competition

Check back for updates and more information as competing commands identify their competitors.

The most influential level of leadership is at the Squad – where the majority of our Soldiers reside. "Squad" extends beyond a traditional infantry squad to any small-unit group of Soldiers, connected by a squad leader, who has the most direct impact on their lives. Soldiers never fight alone, the unbreakable bonds forged through shared hardship and unending support for one another are the hallmark of our most successful small units.

We are looking for cohesive teams that are highly trained, disciplined and fit – ready to fight and win – while demonstrating commitment to the Army Values and Warrior Ethos each and every day. The Army’s Best Squad is a loyal group of professionals who treat each other with dignity and respect, have the highest esprit de corps and are trained and proficient in their warrior tasks and battle drills. The Best Squad Competition will test these groups of Soldiers and noncommissioned officers, and we will know who is the Army’s Best Squad, Best Soldier and Best NCO.

The Best Squad Competition and Best Warrior Competition is a single event used to select the U.S. Army Best Squad of the Year, Noncommissioned Officer of the Year and Soldier of the Year.