U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command


ATEC plans, integrates, and conducts experiments, developmental testing, independent operational testing, and independent evaluations and assessments to provide essential information to acquisition decision makers and commanders.


Additional Information

Vision Statement

Determine the true capability provided to our Soldiers through resource informed developmental, integrated and operational test and evaluation in an independent and objective manner.


1 U.S. Army announces Austin as the home of new Futures Command
2 Army Combat Fitness Test
3 Oath of Enlistment
4 This We'll Defend
5 Why We Fight
6 Changes to one-station unit training
7 Pentagon Hall of Heroes: 1st Lt. Garlin M. Conner
8 President presents Medal of Honor during White House Ceremony
9 Garlin Conner: 'Called artillery on his own position'
10 Private video
11 Soldier's Journal: Dive Supervisor Story
12 This We'll Defend: Flag Day
13 Celebrating 243 years
14 Army Vision
15 Soldiers: Mortarmen's story
16 D-Day Invasion orders
17 State of the Infantry
18 40 years on, Army veteran strives to reunite families with fallen heroes
19 Additional SFAB locations announced
20 Air Assault: Day Zero
21 Initial Success or Total Failure
22 Modernization
23 Military Working dogs
24 SITREP: Digital Rucksack
25 Ready to fight tonight
26 U.S. Army fires
27 Static Line
28 National Museum of the United States Army
29 Rangers Creed
30 Green Beret Mentors Local Community At-Risk Youth
31 Purple Up Day
32 Selfless Service
33 Sandhurst Competition
34 SITREP: Career Tracker
35 Green Berets: De oppresso liber
36 The Old Soldier
37 Gold Star Spouses' Day: Naomi
38 Special operations forces conduct winter warfare training above the Arctic Circle
39 Joint Terminal Attack Controllers train at NTC
40 Serving Others: Celebrating a lifetime of service
41 Air assault live fire
42 'Victory is earned': Army Modernization
43 Meet Army Astronaut Maj. Anne McClain
45 Security Force Assistance Brigades
46 Consistency in Training
47 Security Force Assistance Brigade Buzz
48 Organic Industrial Base
49 Across the AOR
50 Army Materiel Command: Delivering Global Readiness