ATEC plans, integrates, and conducts experiments, developmental testing, independent operational testing, and independent evaluations and assessments to provide essential information to acquisition decision makers and commanders.


  • Maj. Gen. Daniel L. Karbler Commanding General Maj. Gen. Daniel L. Karbler

Vision Statement

Determine the true capability provided to our Soldiers through resource informed developmental, integrated and operational test and evaluation in an independent and objective manner.


1 A Brotherhood
2 Soldiers Journal: Fighting Zika
3 A Closer Look - 18th Field Artillery Brigade
4 2018 Blended Retirement System
5 2016 Olympics: Spc. Paul Chelimo and Spc. Shadrock Kipchircher
6 National Airborne Day
7 2016 Olympic Games: Sam Kendricks
8 The Nation's Global Response Force
9 Soldiers Journal: Gender Integration
10 Soldiers Journal: PACMAN
11 Lt. Col. Charles Kettles' Hall of Heroes Induction Ceremony (Full Version)
12 U.S. Army Rangers conduct water insertion training
13 Soldiers Journal - OPAT
14 How to Earn a Medal of Honor
15 Lt. Col. Charles Kettles: Medal of Honor Ceremony
16 Jungle Warfare School
17 Lt. Col. Charles Kettles: 'I didn't do it by myself'
18 Zika Virus Awareness
19 Pacific Pivot
20 A Closer Look: Regionally Aligned Forces Africa
21 New OPAT for recruits
22 Nations Bridge Gaps at Exercise Anakonda
23 TRADOC Town Hall II: Master Leader Course
24 LGBT Pride Month
25 241st Army Birthday: SMA Dailey
26 241st Army Birthday: CSA Milley
27 2016 CSA's Memorial Day PSA
28 Reluctance
29 Army Posture Opening Statement
30 SHARP Awareness
31 Unsung Heroes, Gold Star Pins
32 The Pledge
33 WASP Pilot: Bernice "Bee" Haydu
34 Women's History Month
35 Soldiers Journal - SMA Testifies
36 African-American Women in Army Aviation
37 African-Americans in Military History: Breaking Barriers
38 SASC Hearing: Women integration into ground combat units (Army leaders)
39 Soldiers Update: Apache Battalions
40 Celebrating African-American History Month
41 SMA Minute - Terror Threats
42 Closer Look: Advise, assist, and training mission in Iraq
43 SMA Minute: Suicide Prevention
44 SMA Minute: NCO Standards
45 Army Special Forces Underwater Operations School
46 Change of Responsibility Ceremony: CSA Gen. Milley's speech
47 SMA Minute: POV Accidents
48 A Closer Look: The Big Picture
49 A Closer Look: Engaging Africa (Part 2)
50 A Closer Look: Engaging Africa (Part 1)