Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower & Reserve Affairs)


“My overarching priority is the strategic modernization of our personnel policies, processes and systems. Across the entire spectrum of our Army People Strategy (acquire, develop, employ and retain), we’re updating how we recruit and hire; how we grow, how we employ and manage talent; and how we create a culture that allows people to thrive in the Army.

This effort includes a focus on cross-cutting issues such as increased permeability across the total force; increased flexibility in talent management and career opportunities; and better matching of individuals’ competencies with civilian and military career fields.”

- Dr. Agnes G. Schaefer, ASA (M&RA)

  • Recruiting/Retention: we will strategically adapt the way we recruit and retain talent into the Army in order to sustain the all-volunteer force.
  • Talent Management: we will set the successful conditions to acquire, develop, employ, and retain the diversity of Soldier and Civilian talent needed to achieve Total Army readiness.
  • Prevention: we will develop and reinforce initiatives designed to build positive command climates and reduce harmful behaviors in our Army.
  • Readiness: we will innovate and seek solutions to put the Army on a sustainable strategic path amidst an era of uncertainty.

Vision: Advancing America’s Army with the World’s Greatest Soldiers!

Mission: For the Department of the Army, the Office of the ASA (M&RA) sets strategic direction, develops policy, allocates resources, and supervises all matters pertaining to Manpower and Reserve Component Affairs to sustain and position the Army for the future.


1. Talented and Lethal All Volunteer Force. Improve the accession, development, retention, and management of a diverse Army, employing the best talent America has to offer.

2. Army Civilian Human Resource Management. Develop in an engaged and committed civilian workforce built on trust, transparency, and relationships.

3. Total Force. Enable the total force to drive readiness and shape the Army of the future.

4. Manpower and Training Resource Allocation. Improve manpower and training resource allocation to optimize the Army’s operational capability to deploy, fight, and win against any adversary.

5. ASA(M&RA) Organizational Improvement. Increase organizational performance by building inclusive relationships that promote trust, respect, and accountability.

ASA (M&RA) Organization Chart


  • Dr. Agnes Gereben Schaefer
    Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs (M&RA)
    Dr. Agnes Gereben Schaefer
  • Ms. Yvette K. Bourcicot
    Deputy to the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs (M&RA)
    Ms. Yvette K. Bourcicot
  • Sergeant Major Kenyatta J. Gaskins
    Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Affairs (M&RA)
    Sergeant Major Kenyatta J. Gaskins