Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower & Reserve Affairs)

Vision: Advancing America's Army with the World's Greatest Soldiers! Mission: Set strategic direction, develops policy, allocates resources, and supervises all matters pertaining to Manpower and Reserve Component Affairs to sustain and position the Army for the future. Goals: 1. Improve the accession, development, retention, and management of a diverse Army, reflecting the best talent America has to offer. 2. Ensure the Army has the capacity, capability, and workforce mix necessary to produce the trained and ready forces required to succeed in current and future operational environments. 3. Enable the total force to drive readiness and shape the Army of the future. 4. Invest in an engaged and committed civilian workforce built on trust, transparency, and relationships. 5. Establish a human capital strategy driving policies and practices to manage the experiences of our Soldiers, Civilians, and Families to improve Soldier readiness.

ASA (M&RA) Organization Chart

  • ASA (M&RA) Organization Chart
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  • Ms. Yvette K. Bourcicot Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs (M&RA) Ms. Yvette K. Bourcicot
  • Mr. Mark R. Lewis Deputy to the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs (M&RA) Mr. Mark R. Lewis


  • SECARMY, Message to the Force. Feb 2022
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  • Army Quality of Life
  • FAR Subpart 7.5(c) Examples of Inherently Governmental Functions FAR Subpart 7.5(d) Examples of Functions Closely Related to Inherently Governmental Functions FAR 37.104 Definition of Personal Services Contracts AFAR Subpart 5107.5 - Inherently Governmental Functions
  • DASA-TRM Memo 4 August 2015 - Guidance for Review of the Army FY 2014 Inventory of Contracts for Services (ICS) DASA-FMMR Memo 13 November 2014 - Guidance for Justifying Transfers of Workload SA Memo 12 September 2014 - Delegation of In-Sourcing Approval Authority DASA-FMMR Memo 21 August 2014 - Guidance for Utilization of Military Manpower DASA-FMMR Memo 2 May 2014 - Documentation of Contract Man-Year Equivalents(CMEs) SA Memo FY2014 Department of the Army Workforce Guidance SA Memo 18 December 2013 - Special Duty(Borrowed Military Manpower and Troop Diversion) - Extension of Temporary Suspension and Delegation of Authorities DASA-FMMR Memo 14 August 2013 Guidance for Fiscal Year 2012 Inventory of Contract for Services(ISC) SA Memo 28 May 2013 In-Sourcing Approval Authority DASA-FMMR, DASA(P), DAB Memo 17 April 2013 Guidance for Service Contract Spending Reductions SA Memo 11 March 2013 Borrowed Military Manpower Policy SA Memo 1 February 2013 Review of the Army Contractor Inventory SA Memo 1 February 2013 - SA Review Certification of FY11 ICS SA Memo 5 November 2012 - Reservation of In-Sourcing Approval Authority DASA-FMMR Memo 20 August 2012 - Request for Services Contract Approval Form Update DASA-FMMR Memo 10 August 2012 - Contractor Inventory Review and Certification Requirement DASA-FMMR Memo 10 February 2012 - Compliance with Contractor Inventory Policies DASA-FMMR Memo 10 February 2012 - Compliance with Contractor Inventory Policies Enclosure SA Memo 10 February 2012 - Reservation of Insourcing Approval Authority ASA (M&RA) Memo 28 October 2011 - Special Duty - Borrowed Military Manpower Policy SA Memo 26 September 2011 - SEC 8108 Army Plan to use CMRA DASA-FMMR Memo 12 July 2011 - Generating Force (GF) Review of the Total Army Analysis (TAA) 2014-18 Contractor Man-year Equivalents (CME) DASA-FMMR Memo 27 May 2011 - Divestiture Required for Contract Performance of Certain Functions DASA-FMMR Memo 22 April 2011 - Prohibition on Converting Certain Functions to Contract Performance DASA-FMMR Memo 4 March 2011 - Army In-sourcing Approval Procedures SA Memo 1 February 2011 - Reservation of In-sourcing Approval Authority SA Memo 9 July 2010 - In-sourcing Policy SA Memo 10 July 2009 - Army Policy for Civilian Workforce Management and Service Contracts Request for Contract Services Decision Tree SA Memo 7 January 2005 - Accounting for Contract Services

ASA M&RA Resources

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