The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command History Office's mission is to:

>> Provide responses to historical research requests received from within CCDC, from other government agencies, and from the general public;

>> Provide emergency response and on-site historical support as needed during accidents/incidents and environmental remediation activities;

>> Develop and conduct history tours and multimedia presentations for CCDC personnel, official visitors, other government agencies, and the general public;

>> Provide planning and leadership for the CCDC Staff Ride Program;

>> Collect training aids that represent the history of CCDC and its predecessor organizations;

>> Prepare history exhibits for use by CCDC and for public outreach;

>> Collect and organize a multimedia historical information collection and reference library that documents the history of CCDC and its predecessor organizations, the installation, local history, and military history;

>> Prepare catalogs, databases, and reference files to assist with the retrieval of historical information;

>> Conduct the CCDC Oral History Program;

>> Prepare and publish historical publications that document the history of CCDC, the installation, local history, and military history.

Contact: Jeffery K. Smart, Command Historian, History Office, U.S. Army CCDC at (410) 436-4430.