Army Futures

Updates on the Army's modernization strategy

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The Army's modernization strategy has one focus: make Soldiers and units more lethal to win our Nation's wars, then come home safely.

The modernization process will leverage commercial innovation, cutting-edge science and technology, prototyping and warfighter feedback. Unity of command and unity of effort for the Army's modernization effort ensures accountability, transparency and responsible stewardship of our Nation's resources.

The establishment of Army Futures Command marks one of the most significant Army reorganization efforts since 1973, when the U.S. Army disestablished the Continental Army Command and Combat Development Command, and redistributed their functions between two new commands, U.S. Army Forces Command and U.S. Army Training & Doctrine Command.


1 'Victory is earned': Army Modernization
2 AUSA Global Force Symposium - Opening and Presentation of Colors
3 Army Secretary Dr. Mark Esper Keynote on Army Modernization
4 Army Under Secretary Ryan McCarthy delivers modernization remarks
5 Q&A with Under Secretary McCarthy and Vice Chief of Staff McConville
6 Gen. Perna Remarks on Army Updates
7 NCO Panel: Training, Educating, and Progressive Development of our Soldiers for Today and Tomorrow
8 Keynote Address by Assistant Secretary of the Army Acquisition, Logistics and Technology
9 GFS CMF #1: Long Range Precision Fires
10 GFS CMF #2: Next Generation Combat Vehicle
11 CMF #3: Future Vertical Lift
12 CMF #4: Army Network
13 CMF #5: Air and Missile Defense
14 CMF #6: Soldier Lethality
15 Warriors Corner #1: Urgent Capabilities to Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems
16 Warriors Corner #2: Army S&T’s Support to the Army’s Modernization Priorities
17 Warriors Corner #3: Next Generation Combat Vehicle and Future Vertical Lift Modernization Priorities
18 Warriors Corner #4: Contracting Support to Accelerating Modernization
19 Warriors Corner #5: Mission Command Systems - Delivering the Command Post Computing Environment
20 Warriors Corner #6: Network Modernization Priority: Integrated Tactical Network
21 Warriors Corner #7: Cross-Command Collaboration in support of Long Range Precision Fires
22 Warriors Corner #8: The Operational Environment and the Changing Character of War
23 Warrior's Corner #9: Next Generation Squad Weapons and Future Soldier SA Devices
24 Warriors Corner #11: Army Readiness - Common Operating Picture
25 Warriors Corner #12: Demand Reduction - Setting the Conditions that Enable Multi-Domain Battle
26 Warriors Corner #13: Army Special Operations Forces Operating Concept
27 GFS Innovators Corner #3: Instantaneous Hydrogen Generation for Soldier Power
28 GFS Innovators Corner #4: Autonomous Ground Vehicle Reference Architecture (AGVRA)
29 GFS Innovators Corner #5: Introduction to MRMC
30 GFS Innovators Corner #6: Operator State Monitoring and Intervention for FVL & NGCV
31 GFS Innovators Corner #7: Modular Missile Technology