FORT RUCKER, Ala. (January 17, 2013) -- Lyster Army Health Clinic recently consolidated all flight-status Soldiers into one flight-centered medical home -- Team Respect.

The reorganization allows Soldiers better access to care to Lyster's two flight surgeons and three aeromedical physician assistants.

Soldiers started receiving notices from the clinic in December assigning them to a new primary care manager. The five-member team, made up of members who all have extensive Aviation medicine training, handles a caseload of about 3,800 Soldiers and administers about 5,000 flight physicals a year, said Maj. Derik Swee, chief for Team Respect.

Before, Soldiers on flight status were assigned to various teams throughout the clinic, and if their provider was unable to see them for an appointment, they would be given an appointment with a non-Aviation provider.

Now, all flight-status Soldiers have a team of Aviation doctors who are knowledgeable about their health history and can step in if their assigned doctor is unavailable.

"We saw a need to consolidate the Army community onto one team and designed a team just for Aviation Soldiers to improve their access to care," Swee said.

Throughout the reorganization, Swee asks Soldiers to give their feedback to the clinic in the form of Interactive Customer Evaluation comments and Army Provider Level Satisfaction Survey comments to help address their needs.

"The goal is to be the Aviation Medicine Center for Excellence and provide Aviation support needs in support of the mission," Swee said.

Soldiers can make an appointment with their Team Respect primary care provider by calling 255-7000.