HEIDELBERG, Germany -- More than 1,000 Soldiers, Family Members and friends from throughout Europe gathered Nov. 2 at the Village Pavilion on Patrick Henry Village here, to celebrate the 71th anniversary of the Military Police Corps Regiment.

This was the fourth consecutive year the European MP Corps ball was hosted by the 18th Military Police Brigade, which is headquartered in Sembach.

This year's theme was "Balancing the force for decisive action," which is a plan for the MP Corp to successfully support the Army's mission while adapting to the many changes in the force.

Col. Brian Bisacre, the commander of the 18th MP Brigade, presided over the event, and Maj. Gen. David Quantock, the provost marshal general was the guest speaker for the evening.

Quantock began his speech with acknowledgement of the Soldiers who lost their lives during the war on terrorism.

"Tonight we have units deployed away from friends and family. This last 11 years we have lost 181 Soldiers that will never be forgotten," said Quantock. "We can never forget their sacrifice."

Additionally, Quantock explained to the audience the reason he wanted to become a military policeman.

"I had so much respect for military police growing up. The military police were always out there to protect our families, civilians and Soldiers at every post. That's why what we do is so important."