FORD ISLAND, Hawaii (Aug. 21, 2012) -- Tripler Fisher House held the first "Boots on the Bridge, Remembering the Fallen" memorial run Aug. 18.

"Boots on the ground" is a common term used by the military meaning troops on deployment, so it was only fitting that the memorial run route was lined with thousands of combat boots.

"What we wanted to do is raise awareness about what Fisher House does for our wounded families, ill and injured. We thought we would take it to a higher level and honor our fallen soldiers and service members and our gold star families who were left behind," said Theresa Johnson, Tripler Fisher House manager.

Units, service members, families, and friends came out in full force to remember those who lost their lives in service to the nation. More than 6,000 boots were placed across Ford Island and Ford Island Bridge. Atop each boot sat a photo of the service member being honored that day.

"I'm remembering those we've lost, those who can't be out here to run today, and I feel like I'm running for them," said Theresa Capata, chaplain's assistant for 25th CAB Headquarters Headquarters Company.

The motivating cadences of military units rang out over the waters of the pacific as they ran across the bridge to and from the Kamahameha highway. Among those units were the 8th Theater Sustainment Command's, 8th Special Troops Battalion and the 70th Engineer Company.

"I think the run went very well, we had a lot of participation from our unit, from the family members, and the soldiers. It was just a great time, we had a lot of motivation out there running and Ford Island was a great place to do this," said 1st Lt. Nicholas Roth, executive officer of the Headquarters Headquarters Company, 8th Special Troops Battalion. "It is definitely emotional, it puts things in prospective, it humbles you, and it makes you want to honor those service members who have given the ultimate sacrifice."

The event was a success over all.

"I just want to say thank you to everyone who came out and supported. This has been an amazing event and the support of all branches was great," said Johnson.