In a ceremony held Tuesday in Warsaw, U.S. Army Europe Commander Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling presented Lt. Gen. Zbigniew Glowienka, Commander of the Polish Land Forces and Maj. Gen. Jerzy Biziewski, Commander of the Polish 2nd Mechanized Corps, with the Legion of Merit.

The medal honors allied leaders supporting the shared objectives of Americas alliances and was awarded to the two Polish commanders as a reflection of the outstanding dedication of the Polish Land Forces as a part of the International Security Forces in Afghanistan.

As the Land Forces Commander, Glowienka was instrumental in leading the land forces through a challenging transition period to create a modern and professional force. His dedication and leadership served an important role in preparing the Polish Land Forces brigades for service in Afghanistan, to include planning and overseeing training, support to certification of Battle Groups and Task Force White Eagle Headquarters, and executing the final Command Post Exercise BAGRAM.

As the 2nd Mechanized Corps Commander, Biziewski has spearheaded operations of all Polish Brigades for service in Afghanistan since 2010. His efforts increased the level of interoperability between the 2nd Mechanized Corps, the United States, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization enabling the Polish Land Forces to successfully serve as NATO's operation headquarters. His dedicated leadership ensured that Polish task forces deploying to Afghanistan were prepared for their missions and ready to serve in a multi-national environment.

U.S. Army Europe has presented LOMs to hundreds of deserving leaders from across its 51-country area of responsibility to salute their achievements and create bonds of service that encourage further multinational engagement and pay dividends in theater security cooperation strategy, training and force interoperability.