SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii (April 9, 2012) -- A group of 30 Solomon Elementary School students spent their spring break learning new math and reading skills instead of spending time at the beach or hanging with friends.

The five-day event was called "Spring into Learning."

"These students used their own free time to come to a free tutoring intersession," said Clarence De Lude, assistant principal, Solomon Elementary School, and one of the organizers of the event.

De Lude added that, along with personal tutoring in reading and math, the students enhanced their individual learning by using computer programs, such as Education City and Symphony Math.

The first day of the program, students engaged in team-building activities to learn about one another. They also set personal goals for themselves by choosing a future career field.

With a motto of "choose your career before it chooses you," students identified what type of work they would like to do as adults.

If the constant enthusiasm and laughter were of any indication, the special week did not last long enough.

"It was so awesome," said Rodney Page, student. "It gives you a lot of extra time to learn and be with new friends.

Teachers Samantha Bartholow and Deanna Yoshimura said the students had a great time learning and interacting on computers and with each other, and we had a great time being able to work with students in the upper grade levels.

De Lude said that the school has added a Saturday Learning School so students can keep pursuing their independent learning goals on the weekends.

The school's goal is to pass the upcoming Hawaii State Assessment Exams.