CAMP LIBERTY, Iraq (Army News Service, Nov. 28) - Rock 'n' roll, country, or rhythm and blues - the 1st Cavalry Division Band plays it all.

Amber Tight, the division's band, is a group of Soldiers with different talents and musical backgrounds whose mission is to boost morale and help Soldiers feel a little more at home, said Sgt. Eric Still, a guitar player.

"Our band is unique in that there are so many different styles coming together," said Still. "Everyone has different musical backgrounds, and we just try to blend it all together to sound good."

The band performs at forward operating bases and dining facilities to give Soldiers a piece of home.

"Because we're so versatile we are able to affect everyone in the crowd, whether they like rock, country or R&B," said Sgt. Nicole Headlee, a vocalist.

"Being able to see other people get into our music and get a break from what they do is something I enjoy seeing every time we play," added Spc. Mitchell Vandenburg, a bass player. "I feel that our playing helps lighten the mental load that comes with being a Soldier."

Being deployed to perform for Soldiers makes his work feel more meaningful, Still added. Their shows are gratifying because they take Soldiers' minds off of combat, even if only for a moment.

"I've had Soldiers come up to me and tell me how much they liked our music," said Sgt. Dan Coursen, a vocalist. "It wasn't until I heard and saw people's reaction to our performance that I thought how important it was to play."