VICENZA, Italy -- U.S. Army Africa Soldiers, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Joachim Consiglio and Staff Sgt. Keish Hallman recently received honors awarding them the Quartermaster's Corps Order of Saint Martin.

"The U.S. Army Quartermaster General, Brig. Gen. Gwen Bingham recognized two of USARAF G-4's outstanding soldiers for their contributions to the Quartermaster CORPS by awarding them with the of the Order of St. Martin award," Lt. Col. Zeyad Suqi, USARAF G-4 sustainment operations chief said.

Suqi recognized Hallman and Consiglio for their unique contributions to the USARAF G-4 Directorate.

"Staff Sgt. Hallman was acknowledged for creating an Africa Command wide mortuary affairs process where she trains joint military teams to retrieve and transport deceased military personnel. Her work on process definition, training of mortuary affairs teams and real-life implementation in the world's most complicated geography, mark her as a true professional," Suqi said.

Hallman was awarded the Honorable Order of Saint Martin, an honor normally given to Quartermaster noncommissioned officers who have successfully served as a platoon sergeant or company first sergeant.

"It's a great honor to receive this award," Hallman said.

"It has been a pleasure to be assigned here to the USARAF G4 and being allowed to share my knowledge about mortuary affairs. I've been given the opportunity to reinforce our motto to 'Never leave a fallen comrade.' The teams we train are able to send fallen comrades home with dignity, honor and respect," Hallman said.
Suqi praised Consiglio for his contributions to USARAF.

"Chief Warrant Officer 4 Joachim Consiglio was recognized for his achievements in standing up the USARAF Sustainment Operations Division. His excellence in property management led to receiving an Office of the Secretary of Defense Supply Excellence award. His codification of customer process, procurement of new property and establishing an ASCC's codes and accounts, all affirm the professional and exceptional job he has done as the USARAF Senior Logistics Advisor," Suqi said.

Consiglio was awarded the Distinguished Order of Saint Martin which is normally recognizes senior officers and Department of the Army civilians who have made significant contributions to the Quartermaster Corps.

"Becoming part of the Distinguished Order of Saint Martin is a culminating event during my tenure with U.S. Army Africa G-4 sustainment operations division," Consiglio said.

"During my 24 years I have been committed to logistics excellence and have been blessed to be surrounded by such a rich network of leaders, mentors and staff whom have helped me excel," Consiglio said.