Anniston Army Depot's weekly Morning Show took on a new look Nov. 14 with the first broadcast in the newly renovated studio. Out went the old carpet, walls, lighting, and set. In an effort to improve sound, in came new carpet tiles and acoustical walls. The ceilings were painted black to help with reflective light. Two new sets were purchased, to include the main set and a one-on-one interview area with a portable 42-inch monitor. Two new light sets were added as well as new chairs and tables. All of this was done by contractors, with the exception of the new backdrop, which was done by the Directorate of Information Management's Graphic Office.

The Morning Show staff, shown here, includes (l-r) Sue Turton (Safety), Mark Cleghorn (DOIM), Clester Burdell (PAO), Stan Bobo (DOIM), Jeremy Guthrie (DOIM), and Miranda Myrick (PAO).

The following guests are scheduled to appear in December:

Dec. 5 - Looking for a way to enjoy the holiday socials without the intake of extra calories' Tune in when dietician Katherine Noah will be here to share a few tips.

Dec. 12 - In an effort to make someone else's Christmas brighter, Cindy Taylor will be here to discuss the status of the Christmas Cheer program as well as how you can contribute toward the Army Emergency Relief fund.

Dec. 19 - With so much talk about staph infections, Dr. Raul Magadia, will be here to tell us how to stay safe and germ free.

Dec. 26 - Feeling a little full from consuming too many fruitcakes' Tune in when we'll show a rebroadcast of health and exercise tips from physical therapist Marcelo Linn.