The annual 4th of July holiday has traditionally been a day of parades and speeches from politicians. But it is also a day that that can be far more meaningful and remind us of our nation’s tradition of service and sacrifice.

Since the dawn of the 21st Century, nearly two million Americans have served in our nation’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. From Kabul to Baghdad, service men and women have been risking their lives, not because of some federal mandate, but as a voluntary act of courage, conscience and commitment. It’s an ethos that held us together at the beginning of our nation’s founding and still guides us today. We embrace their dedication to protecting our Nation’s freedoms and values

We honor the Families whose sacrifices provide the backbone for our force. Because there is no more precious resource than our Soldiers, sending them into harm’s way is a heavy responsibility. We reaffirm our commitment to you to provide for them the best that we have and honor their sacrifices today in the name of our Nation’s independence.

So this 4th of July, while our Nation enjoys the parades and speeches, we remember the courage and commitment of our Soldiers in harms way and honor their Families whose sacrifices have meant so much to so many.

Be Safe & God Bless America,

One Team!