Retired Lt. Gen. Hal Moore was renowned for his accomplishments on and off the battlefield. His strong Family values and his famous quote, “I hope being good at one makes me better at the other,” sums up his dedication to both duty and Family.

I’m the daughter of two Soldiers. I’m an “Army brat.”

My dad, a retired AH-1 Cobra pilot, and my stepfather, a retired CH-47 Chinook flight engineer, taught me the ways of Army life through long temporary duties, leaving friends and Family behind, and being thousands of miles apart.

Those things molded who I am today; they taught me to be a “big girl,” a better person and to be responsible.

Their military careers allowed me to visit parts of the world some people never see in a lifetime. How many children can say they’ve been to South Korea, Austria, Germany, England, France, Holland or Belgium?

Traveling the world gave me an appreciation for history and other cultures while teaching me the importance of our own.

I was lucky neither of my fathers were sent to war, but we were separated for other reasons. They both dedicated more than 20 years defending our country. They were Soldiers and warriors by day, but when they came home from work, they were just “Dad” to me.

Being separated from the ones you love is hard. Because of this, I always told myself I’d never marry a Soldier.

Apparently, fate had a different plan.

Being married to a Soldier is a lot different from being the child of one. I watched my parents say “goodbye” many times during my youth, but I always knew they’d be home soon and safe.

I know our 7-month-old son will experience a different kind of Army life than I did. He’s going to see his daddy go to war, and he’s going to see his mommy worry every day.

However, I hope he learns some lessons from the Army’s way of life.

Fathers watch over their children, teach values and give encouragement, but Soldier-dads are a different breed. Not only do they care and protect their own Families, they protect the security and freedoms of all Americans.

I wonder what our son will take away from being an Army brat " if it will mold him into a good man. I wonder if he’ll get goose bumps when he hears bagpipers play “Amazing Grace,” a bugler play taps or the 21-gun salute. I can only hope he will look at his father and be proud and that he will respect those who serve our country.