WASHINGTON, May 20, 2011 -- The Army's best young leaders, who exemplify duty, honor and country, gathered at the Pentagon May 19, 2011, to receive the Gen. Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award.

This ceremony, the 24th annual, served to recognize 28 officers in the active Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard who display the leadership traits epitomized by MacArthur.

Throughout a broad spectrum of positions, officers receiving the MacArthur award display true commitment to Army values, unequaled technical and tactical competence, a mature understanding of their leaders, subordinates and peers.

They must exercise influence and leadership traits required for building cohesive teams that support the Army. In short, the award is designed for leaders of the future Army.

In this annual ceremony, 28 Army officers stood for applause from the crowd of family members, previous MacArthur recipients and former commanders as they each received a 15-pound bronze bust replica of Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

"General MacArthur was a tremendous athlete, scholar, leader and Soldier. He's legendary and to have your name mentioned in the same sentence as his says a great deal about you," said Army Chief of Staff Gen. Martin E. Dempsey as he addressed the awardees.

"I visited West Point this morning and told the cadets, very simply, 'Your chief is here to congratulate you and to tell you I trust you,'" said Dempsey. "I trust them with the legacy of our Army which turns 236 years old next month. All of you here have most certainly earned that trust."

The MacArthur Leadership Award is presented by both the Department of the Army and the Gen. Douglas MacArthur Foundation as a measure of promoting junior officer leadership.

Judge James S. Mathews, vice president of the MacArthur Foundation board of directors, hailed the officers for being amongst the elite of the Army.

"I've heard you referred to as the 'Top Guns' of the Army. The Top Guns in the Navy represent just the best of the pilots. You represent the best of all Soldiers in the entire Army. To say you are the best of the best is a gross understatement," said Mathews.

The Gen. Douglas MacArthur Leadership award recipients for calendar year 2010 are:

Capt. Adam W. Armstrong, U.S. Army Forces Command
Capt. Neil G. Armstrong, U.S. Army Forces Command
Capt. Zachariah A. Corke, U.S. Army Forces Command
Capt. Brian D. Fisher, U.S. Army Forces Command
Capt. David L. Hamlin, U.S. Army Cyber Command
Capt. Anthony T. Howell, U.S. Army Pacific Command
Capt. Tilisha C. Lockley, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command
Capt. Ari M. Martyn, U.S. Army Forces Command
Capt. Derek R. Noel, U.S. Army Forces Command
Capt. Joshua D. Powers, U.S. Army Forces Command
Capt. James R. Siebert, U.S. Army Europe
Capt. Robert C. Snyder III, U.S. Army Special Operations Command
1st Lt. 1LT Daniel M. Meegan, U.S. Army Europe
Chief Warrant Officer 2 Lanorris G. Ford, U.S. Army Pacific Command

Capt. Daniel A. DeFlaviis, Delaware Army National Guard
Capt. Eric M. Nelson, Iowa Army National Guard
Capt. Sean S. Nixon, Oregon Army National Guard
Capt. Elizabeth A. Roxworthy, Illinois Army National Guard
Capt. Shane Spellman, Missouri Army National Guard
Capt. Shawn G. Talmadge, Virginia Army National Guard
Warrant Officer 1 David S. Turpin, Arkansas Army National Guard

Capt. Haz Anguay, 9th Mission Support Command
Capt. David L. Brewer, 412th Theater Engineer Command
Capt. Irvin D. Drummond, USAR Joint And Special Troops Support Command
Capt. Christy E. Orser, USAR Joint And Special Troops Support Command
Capt. Ranjan Singh, 75th Battle Command Training Division
Capt. Jason Trigger, USAR Joint And Special Troops Support Command
Chief Warrant Officer 2 Dylan E. Raymond, 75th Battle Command Training Division