Our overarching mission is to provide Human Resources Management support, guidance and services to the Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield area.

In doing so, we apply a comprehensive knowledge of staffing, recruitment strategies, benefits, compensation, position management and classification, labor and employee relations, worker's compensations, strategic planning and human resources management training to our customers.

I have been given the privilege and entrusted with this awesome responsibility of serving as the Director of the Fort Stewart Civilian Personnel Advisory Center. This challenging opportunity both inspires and humbles me to stay focused and determined to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

With over three years with the Fort Stewart CPAC, this is a forum to reiterate and share my philosophy with the Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield Family.

As director, my priorities will be:

Aca,!Ac First, take care of our people.
Aca,!Ac Second, continue fostering and nurturing partnerships with commanders, directors, senior leaders, managers, employees, other stakeholders and customers to stay abreast of their current and projected needs and mission requirements. Our goal is to help managers execute their human resources management responsibilities to the fullest.
Aca,!Ac Third, get the mission accomplished by providing top notch, quality and timely services and products. With regard to taking care of people, I believe our employees are our most valued assets.

My primary responsibility as the CPAC director is to provide support to them by entitling them to certain rights:

Aca,!Ac The right to be appreciated and recognized for what they do.
Aca,!Ac The right to be kept informed.
Aca,!Ac The right to be provided the tools, training, coaching, and mentoring that they need to get their job done.

In turn, as a pro-active leader, I aim to provide good customer service and leadership by creating and maintaining an environment where our employees are motivated to develop excellence and to reach his/her full potential. I will instill the vision, and the expectation that fosters a team of employees who will carry out certain responsibilities:

Aca,!Ac To conduct business in a professional and customer friendly manner.
Aca,!Ac To learn and master their jobs.
Aca,!Ac To anticipate, meet and exceed customer needs.
Aca,!Ac To be part of the team and help create a winning team.
Aca,!Ac To support each other.
Aca,!Ac To contribute their unique talents for the good of the whole.

With regard to my second priority, partnering, I will lead the CPAC in continuing the partnering efforts with our commanders, directors, managers, employees, other stakeholders and customers.
This is critical to provide the timely and quality of services and products needed to assist managers to meet mission requirements and human capital needs.

We will anticipate, meet and exceed customer needs, deliver relevant high quality and seamless service through an integrated Civilian Human Resources program!

CHRA - Delivering Strong!