"Here rests in honored glory an American Soldier known but to God," is inscribed on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where Sentinels from the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) walk day and night to honor and protect fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives and identities for our country's freedom.
Sentinels are a unique brotherhood that guards the Tomb continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, since July 2, 1937.
Among the 591 who have earned the honor of guarding the Tomb are two brothers, Staff Sgt. Jonathan Brisiel and Spc. Mathew Brisiel, the only siblings to serve as Sentinels at the sacred grounds of Arlington National Cemetery.
Jonathan served as a Sentinel for the past four years and relinquished his position as the Assistant Sergeant of the Guard to attend the Army Retention Course, earlier this year. He currently serves as the career counselor for 1st Battalion, 3d U.S. Inf. Reg.
Mathew enlisted in 2008 as an infantryman, like his older brother, and earned the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Guard Identification Badge on Feb. 19, 2010.
"Serving with my brother has been inspiring and motivating," said Mathew.
Mathew wanted his brother to reenlist him for a duty station choice of Fort Hood. The day Mathew called to tell his brother of the decision; Jonathan received word that he, himself came down on assignment to Fort Hood.
"It was meant to be," said Jonathan. "Being close to home is easier for us; (my brother's) already planning ahead about deployment and taking care of his wife and unborn child."
Mathew acknowledged his love and respect for duty and country by recently taking an oath of reenlistment at the Tomb of the Unknowns.
"I'm very excited to begin my next chapter in the Army with (my brother)," said Mathew.
"It was really awesome to see his contract with both of our names on it," said Jonathan. "The actual ceremony was a moment of pride for me to see him extend his service in the Army and I'm very proud to share that moment with him."
These Sentinels will continue their brotherhood together in their home state of Texas. They will be joining the ranks of the 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment, the Army's only Armored Cavalry Regiment of more than 5,000 Soldiers, in Feb. 2012.