FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Information is essential to keep the public safe here at Fort Bragg. A military police officer receiving detailed information in a timely manner can be used to prevent a crime, apprehend a suspect or save a life by calling for the proper emergency services.

Fort Bragg Military Police are now able to access a vast database of information while on the go.
Using a computer system in their patrol cars, Military Police can access various state and national vehicle databases. They can even link to the 911 call center to receive information.

The system enhances law enforcement operations by allowing a military policeman to look up information regarding a vehicle or driver without having to call a dispatch station to retrieve it.
This speeds up the flow of data, enabling the military policeman to make a decision quicker.
A number of systems will be operational and on the roads of Fort Bragg as early as the final week of February.

"It's so important to be able to run your own tags," said Sean Doyne, a patrol commander in Fort Bragg's Provost Marshal Office.

Doyne praised the system's ability to quickly tell a Fort Bragg Law Enforcement Office if a vehicle has been stolen, involved in incidents around Fayetteville or if the driver has a suspended license.
Doyne also predicted the new system will cut down on radio traffic by several transmissions per traffic stop.

With the reduced amount of radio traffic there will be more room on the net for traffic from other officers, some who might need emergency personnel to be dispatched to the scene of a life-threatening accident or others calling for backup to assist catching a speeding vehicle.

With these new upgrades in their vehicles, Fort Bragg's Military Police are prepared to protect those who protect America while on the go.