FORT BRAGG, N.C. - A breakfast of bacon, eggs, pancakes and syrup might not help improve your physical fitness.

Eat that breakfast with a bunch of Fort Bragg's chaplains, however, and you'll be lifting the heavy weights with your spiritual fitness.

A National Prayer Breakfast was held the morning of Feb. 16, at the Fort Bragg Club, offering healthy portions of scripture and breakfast food to those who attended.

The event's keynote speaker, Chaplain (Col.)Pat Hash, the U.S. Army Special Operations Command Command chaplain, spoke and used the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den to illustrate why principles, character and personal courage are essential for Soldiers serving in the United States military.

"We are at war, and no matter where we go, deployed or at home station, we must think and act with courage which is built upon a foundation of principles," said Hash.

Chaplain (Maj.) James Rozmairek, who organized the event, said he hoped those who attended the event would be encouraged in their faith and be reminded of the power and importance of prayer in their lives.

Rozmairek emphasized the importance of spiritual resiliency to Families, Soldiers and other members of the Fort Bragg community. That resiliency is enhanced as individuals connect with God through prayer and faith.

"I believe that God reached out and touched them (Daniel and his companions) because Daniel had principles and he stuck to those principles. Staying true, for us in today's military, to our principles is essential if we are going to have success - not only abroad, but here at home," said Hash.

"The National Prayer Breakfast gave Families, Soldiers and civilians of the Fort Bragg community another opportunity to strengthen their faith and relationship with God," Rozmairek said in an email.

"We all need to be encouraged in our faith, especially as we experience the trials that can come our way."