FORT KNOX, Ky. (Oct. 7 2010) - The 3d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) hosted an Non-commissioned Officer Induction Ceremony on Sept. 30 in Abrams Auditorium at Fort Knox's Patton Museum.

Twenty-five Sergeants from the 3d ESC participated, including 11 from the unit's Headquarters and Headquarters Company and 14 from the 3d ESC's 233rd Transportation Company, also located on Fort Knox.

Each new NCO had a sponsor who introduced his or her inductee for membership in the NCO corps by announcing the NCO's hometown, military occupational specialty and hobbies. The NCOs were considered officially inducted when they stepped over a "line of authority" banner imprinted with all the NCO ranks and used a gold pen to sign their names into a book of past 3d ESC NCO corps inductees.

The ceremony also had a skit in which a team of drivers from the 233rd Trans. Co. acted out a mission pre-brief as well as 3d ESC Soldiers reading off a brief History of the NCO while a white screen in the front of the room displayed images of NCOs past and present.

The 3d ESC's senior NCO and Pleasantville, N.J. native, Command Sgt. Maj. Willie Tennant, Sr., pointed out that a formal NCO induction is not required by any Army regulation or field manual, but still thinks the ceremony is special.

"As you transition from junior Soldier to the rank of the non-commissioned officer, it should be a celebration. To earn that rank is important," said Tennant.

Command Sgt. Maj. James Sims, a native of Florida, came from the 3d ESC's 49th Quartermaster Group at Fort Lee, Va. to serve as the ceremony's guest speaker.

Sims talked to the new NCOs about the importance of maintaining Army standards and the need to lead Soldiers both competently and compassionately. He also noted that the U.S. Army's NCO corps serves as an example for militaries in developing nations.

"You have just become a member of a team which is respected all over the world. Stay Army Strong," said Sims.

Sgt. Trumaine Harrison, a Greenville, S. C. native who works in the 3d ESC's command group, was promoted to E-5 in February 2008, but never had the opportunity to participate in an NCO induction ceremony, until he joined the 3d ESC.

"I thought it was neat and interesting. It meant a lot," said Harrison.

Harrison added that the enthusiasm of the senior NCOs who participated in the ceremony helped him understand the importance of the ceremony and made him proud to be an NCO.

Each newly-inducted NCO received a plaque and a certificate as well as a data disc containing regulations, a sampling of counseling forms and other information that Tennant said the new NCOs need in order to be successful non-commissioned officers.


Story by Sgt. 1st Class Dave McClain, 3d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) public affairs. Photos courtesy of Fort Knox Photo. For queries, contact 3d Sustainment Command Public Affairs at (502) 624-8601. For high-resolution photos and stories by the 3d Sustainment Command, please contact the Digital Video and Imagery Distribution System at (678) 421-6612 or access them online at