FORT HOOD, Texas - A pivotal moment in a 1st Cavalry Division Soldier's career is when he or she gets promoted or receives an award. These promotions and awards show the utmost recognition of a job well done.

For the past two years, the 1st Cavalry Division has had Lt. Col Peter Little, a British exchange officer serve as the chief of operations for the division. In a ceremony, July 1, the Fleet, Hampshire, United Kingdom native was promoted to Lt. Col. and awarded the Order of Saint Maurice, the Order of Saint Barbara, and the Noble Patron of Armor. He was also given a farewell sabre from the division G3 section.

While deployed with the division from Jan. 2009 to July 2009, Little was responsible for the routine command and control of five brigade combat teams with more than 30,000 Soldiers and the integration with six Iraqi Army and National Police Divisions.

Upon his redeployment, he assumed the duties of the division's operations rear detachment.

"He performed masterfully in his position and seamlessly integrated the redeployment, reset planning, and preparation or follow-on missions for all the division's units," said Lt. Col. Geoffrey Norman, operations deputy, 1st Cav. Div.

Here with the Army's Personnel Exchange Program, Little fulfilled several objectives of the program-encouraging the mutual confidence, understanding, and respect necessary to enable harmonious relationships between the Army and the armies of other nations.

Several members from the division operations section agreed that he excelled with the objectives and how loyal and dedicated Little was to the Cav and its Soldiers.

Little said the relationship between the Brits and Americans is so critical that it was a pleasure to do it.

He is also not a stranger to tradition. The British Armed Forces has many traditions and a strong lineage. Therefore his transition into the division was easily made.

"I had no idea it was going to be quite so traditional," Little said. "[We] pride ourselves in being very traditional in the British Army and in our regiments but the 1st Cav. is just as traditional."

Having served in the U.S. Army before, he mentioned that he found every bit of tradition he needed in the Cav as he would have in the U.K.

"Same support structure and pride," he added.

Since Little's tour with the Cav is over he is scheduled to return to London this month where he will be assigned to the Permanent Joint Headquarters, Afghanistan Desk.

When asked how he felt about leaving the Cav and returning home he said he was disappointed. He said there are many good people within the division and he was very sad to leave.

"There are also another eight states I need to see," he joked.

Upon conclusion of the ceremony, Little said that he felt a true affinity to the division's Soldiers.

"There is no difference between British and American Soldiers, they all bleed the same and we're all fighting the battle at the same time."