FORT GORDON, Ga. -- There's a lot more that goes into a presidential news conference or visit than finds its way onto the nightly news.

"Anytime you see the president at an event, where ever he goes, even if it's just a couple of hours, the White House Communications Agency goes with him," said Col. Glenn Kennedy, Fort Gordon Garrison Commander, who was part of that staff before being assigned to Fort Gordon.

The WHCA will be at Fort Gordon Monday through Friday recruiting for staff positions, and Kennedy encourages anyone with interest to attend. A briefing will be at 9:30 a.m. Monday, at Alexander Hall.

"We are looking for men and women who demonstrate superior military bearing and high moral character in fulfilling our personnel needs," wrote Col. Michael Black, commander, in a letter to Kennedy about the recruiting tour.

The WHCA is looking for service members from all branches and for military occupational specialties in a variety of fields not just communications.

When the president makes a speech, it's usually a noncommissioned officer working the teleprompter. The podiums the president uses are all handmade. Also, supply personnel and those who work in electrical maintenance are required. Warrant officers, commissioned and noncommissioned officers are needed, Kennedy said.

Being a part of WHCA is not for everyone. There is extensive training involved and service members must qualify for a top secret security clearance and presidential support duty clearance.

But Kennedy said working with the agency was an exciting part of his career for three years and is a once in a lifetime opportunity, "It's a unique opportunity. To get to go to the Oval Office and have access into the White House with no escort, it's an incredible experience," he said.

Kennedy's time with the WHCA garnered him a Presidential Service Badge and a lifetime of memories. "How many people have the opportunity to fly on Marine One or Air Force One'," he asked.