FORT STEWART, Ga. - Security managers on the Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield installation frequently find in their e-mail tidbits of information relating to automatic teller machine scams, Facebook security, identity theft, and even personal warnings for out country travel.

Such information comes for the Stewart-Hunter information security program manager, Guy Shifflett, of the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security section.

"One of my main goals is safeguarding information," began Shifflett. "This starts with awareness. A lot of times, it's not that people don't care; they just don't know."

In his position, Shifflett helps others become responsible for security. Besides sending out the e-mails, he provides one-to-one advice and assistance visits to offices and personnel that request his help. During these visits, focus includes such items as regulations, policies, program management, document classification, markings, and physical storage.

When it comes to identity theft, Shifflett is preparing a workshop in conjunction with Army Community Services.

"ID theft is on the rise," said Shifflett. "This workshop should help Family Members and others as to its implications and effects on financial security."

Shifflett has been involved in several security initiatives that have never been accomplished. New Department of the Army employees are given an initial security orientation.

"The purpose is to ensure personnel are aware of the roles they will play when it comes to the information security program," he said.

Other initiatives are annual security refresher training, security manager working group and charter, and of course, the information security advice and assistance visits.

One program that he highlights is the past and future 'Shred It-Don't Share It' days.

"This is sponsored in conjunction with the Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division along with DPTMS," he said. "This gives offices and individuals (the chance) to get rid of anything from tax receipts to documents that may include addresses, social security numbers, performance evaluations, and any other personal identifiable information."

Shifflett has something that everyone dreams of - a job he loves.

"There is not a day that I dread coming to work," said Shifflett. "I get support from all the security managers and others here on the installation.

"I have been in the information security position for approximately 14 months, and I love every minute of it."

He said that he has had four dream jobs: being enlisted and an officer in the U.S. Army until retirement; heading an anti-terrorism team at FORSCOM, serving as a training developer and instructor; and as the anti-terrorism officer at Fort Stewart.

Coming from a town where "they had to pipe sunshine in" called Stuarts Draft, Va., Shifflett enlisted in the Army after graduating from high school.

When speaking of his Family, Shifflett glows about his wife of 30 years, Jackie, and his "baby" daughter, whom he proudly states turned 27 this year.

"I have been truly blessed in my Family," he said. "My wife is saint; not only does she put up with me, but she also teaches 8th grade history in Liberty County."

Believe it or not, Shifflett does have hobbies. They include turtle-trot running, spending quiet time with Jackie, reading, history and travel.

"One of the things that brought us here to this area was the history," concluded Shifflett. "We love the coast and all the history we continue to discover. I never need a tour guide as my wife is a fountain of knowledge."