HRC move impacts Army board dates
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WASHINGTON (Army News Service, May 20, 2010) -- Some promotion boards, along with command and school selection boards, are convening earlier or later than usual this year, due to the Human Resources Command relocating to Fort Knox, Ky.

The move -- resulting from the Base Realignment and Closure Commission mandate from Congress -- affects all of HRC, currently located in Alexandria, Va., Indianapolis and St. Louis.

The move will impact both active and reserve-component boards, and those for both noncommissioned and commissioned officers.

No boards will convene during the move, July 1 through Sept. 30. During that time, Soldiers who have questions or concerns should consult with their command S-1, said Lt. Col. Teresa Campbell, chief of the Department of the Army Secretariat for Selection Boards, a branch of HRC tasked with running the boards under the direction of the secretary of the Army.

Soldiers can access the board schedule posting at the Human Resources Command website at Human Resource specialists are being notified of individual boards by MILPER messages and individual Soldiers eligible for boards should still expect to be notified via My Board File e-mails over the summer.

About 43,000 NCOs, officers, and a small number of civilians will be considered by the 16 scheduled boards in October 2010. The largest population board will be the active component Master Sergeant Board.

Soldiers should have received adequate notification of the dates their board convenes, Campbell said. She added, however, that Soldiers should always review and update their Official Military Personnel File records for data, including performance evaluations, awards, deployments, education and official photographs that reflect current ribbons, badges and patches.

"Leaders of today's generation truly practice selfless service. They are dedicated to the mission, taking care of Soldiers, and their families; they tend to put their own welfare last," said Campbell, referring to Soldiers who don't take the time to update their files. "Unfortunately, when board members review incomplete or inaccurate records, they feel the Soldier is not invested in their own career. Little details and lack of attention really stand out, as selection board members may be reviewing many packages and have to base their decisions solely on what they see in front of them."

It is important for Soldiers to review their personnel files frequently to ensure that their information is always up to date, using iPerms. Yet, Soldiers being considered by an upcoming promotion board, should make a special effort and check their files for 100 percent accuracy in advance.

Campbell also addressed the impact of the HRC move, noting that quality will be maintained at the new HRC Center for Excellence.

"We'll be taking about 75 percent of our supervisory experience with us to Fort Knox," she said, referring to the secretariat branch.

Lt. Col. Mike Moose, HRC public affairs officer, didn't have an overall percentage of HRC personnel making the move, but he said it is relatively high and that professionalism and standards will be maintained. He said the co-location at Fort Knox of the three HRC locations will provide synergy and should result in a good level of teamwork.

The unsung Soldiers are the selection board members, said Campbell.

"If there are any skeptics, they come away convinced that the Army has selected the best qualified and that the process is fair and equitable," she said. "Board members take their jobs seriously and feel they are protecting the integrity and sanctity of the Army, as well as shaping its future."