Arts and crafts, sports and trips to Korea's cultural hot-spots are some of the activities planned for children on summer vacation in Area I, in response to parent requests.
Camp Adventure, a full-day childcare program, opens June 21 to school-age kids.
Fantastic Ocean Jamboree - the first week theme of what organizers predict will be a summer full of fun - kicks off the season for Warrior Country children with a trip to the COEX Mall Aquarium in Seoul.
"But, that's not all," said Cindy York, assistant planner for the Camp Adventure program. "We'll have a theme every week and we want to have a field trip that goes along with the theme."
Children will have a wide variety of things to do while at camp to include skits, sports and much, much more.
Plus, every Friday parents are invited to the lunchtime barbecue, said York.
In addition to professional CYS Services staff, a group of college students trained by the Camp Adventure Youth Program of Northern Iowa University will lead a summer filled of fun activities and care for the children.
During the planning stages of the summer camp, some concerns arose and CYS Services leaders came up with solutions.
"Families expressed concerns about meals not being included in the costs of the program, so we worked with the dining facilities on post to help us provide bag lunches in addition to non-cooked breakfasts and p.m. snacks at no additional charge to the parents," said Marie Johnson, Area I CYS Services coordinator.
The sports office has also taken parent suggestions and requests into their summer calendar planning.
"Because of some of the things we're hearing from parents, our sports director has made sure we offer clinics on days that don't conflict with the normal work week. Many of our summer sports programs will run on Saturdays this year," said Johnson.
Parents can sign up for programs at Parent Central located in Maude Hall, room 209 at Camp Casey, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Parents can drop off their kids at the Community Activity Center on Camp Casey at 7:30 a.m. Children at Camp Red Cloud will be bused from the library at 8:30 a.m. to the Camp Adventure activities on Camp Stanley.